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The drive from Lexington to Paris with the purest, most photoworthy Kentucky views is certainly Paris Pike, dotted with picturesque farms and horses grazing afield. 

It’s no wonder why this roadway, with its well-kept wide split median, is a designated Kentucky Scenic Byway, lined with trees, historic markers, black painted wooden fences and dry stack stone fences that have stood the tests of time.

Once into Bourbon County, this roadway is also known as Simon Kenton Highway, named for the revered frontier explorer and three-war veteran.

And where else can you find an elaborate cemetery entrance resembling a castle, the world’s largest three-story building and a replica of the Eiffel Tower?

You’ll find many locations like this here, where history and natural beauty intersect, and we can’t wait to show you more!

Mountain Workshops

More than 60 student and professional photographers and videographers from around the nation, along with a staff of nearly 60 teachers, editors and assistants, spent the last week of October 2023 capturing the stories of this distinctive American community…Paris-Bourbon County. To see what they captured and curated, visit

courtyard with Eiffel Tower replica