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Fun Facts about Paris and Bourbon County

Fun Facts

Every community boasts about the things that make them special or unique and Bourbon County is no different. Some folks call it quaint, and some call it charm, and some just call it plain quirky.  But just the same, it’s all just fun facts!

You Can Drink Your Bourbon in Bourbon CountySometimes disputed but generally considered the Birthplace of Bourbon, this county had 128 distilleries listed in the 1810 census. These distilleries produced 146,000 gallons of whiskey.  According to the Hopewell Museum, Jacob Spears and sons Noah and Abraham were said to have put barrels of whiskey on a flatboat on Cooper’s Run, which led to the Licking River, Ohio River, and the Mississippi, then on to New Orleans where they sold the popular Old Bourbon at a fine price.  More incredible is the fact that Noah made thirteen trips this way to New Orleans and then walked back home.   Today Bourbon County has one craft distillery.  It is the only distillery operating since prohibition.  You can visit Hartfield & Co. and become a “distiller for the day” by contacting their website.

You Can Cross a Covered Bridge — One of only 13 left standing in the state, Colville Covered Bridge was built in 1877 by Jacob Bower. Due to wear and tear it has been renovated several times, but still stands. According to the Hopewell Museum there were as many has 27 covered bridges spanning the streams of Bourbon County.

You Can Take a Picture at an Eiffel Tower — Yes, our Paris has a 25 ft replica of the Eiffel Tower, but designed with horseshoes on the top! Built totally by private generous donations. Paris and Bourbon County have ties to France due to their help during the Revolutionary War and honored them by naming out county seat Paris.  The reigning family in France at that time was the House of Bour Bon.  

You Can Dine and Stay Overnight Someplace Unique — The World’s Tallest Three‑Story Building is on Main Street in Paris and it houses an Asian Restaurant and a penthouse suite, bed and breakfast.  

You Can Learn All About “Big Red”  — If you don’t know “Big Red” you will when you leave our community!  Secretariat stood at Claiborne Farm after he won the Triple Crown in 1973.  He is laid to rest on the farm and you can visit his grave. Downtown Paris has built a park in his honor which features the world’s largest mural of “Big Red” and a life size statue of this famous racehorse. Built and maintained by generous private donations.

You Can Walk on Money — Stop in the Edward Jones Building, which used to be an old Cole Oil Service Station, and see their floor made of copper pennies

You Can Visit the Oldest Newspaper West of the Alleghenies — The Bourbon County Citizen office is located on 8th Street.  Stop in and visit their “Newseum” with a floor covered in old newspapers, and other interesting memorabilia!   This paper is run by the Brannon Family to this day and prints a weekly newspaper, hot off the press on Thursday.

You Can Dine at a Restored Train Depot — The Paris Train Depot offers southern cuisine and a fully stocked Bourbon Bar.  Sit on the platform and watch the trains.

You Can Snack on Famous Snacks — Hunt Bros. Pizza and Mingua Brothers Beef Jerky are both Made in Paris!

You Can Swim on Main Street — The Paris‑BoCo YMCA hosts an indoor and outdoor pool, but it is famous for being the largest YMCA in the United States for a town as small as Paris!!

You Can Be Nostalgic — Eat at the only surviving Jerry’s Restaurant and take in a movie at one of the few Drive‑In Theaters left in Kentucky.